Potato chips
Pickled tomato
Salty fish
Sweet chili pepper with anchovies’ cream


Our taco


Mae West lips
White prawn with pilpil (F-xl)
Asparagus ice-cream
Small squids with onions and tirabeques
Ray fish salad with watercress
Sea cucumber with traditional wheat stew (F-xl)
Tomato, cherry and basil
Grilled nephrops
Bluefish with pickles and pomegranate sauce
Rice with red tuna
Charcoal grilled free-range chicken (F-xl)
Lemon tart
Saffron and chocolate eclair (F-xl)
And, to the coffee, our sweets

TAX included

99 €
K-XL 119 €

"Nada grande fue nunca alcanzado sin entusiasmo"
Madre Teresa de Calcuta

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