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Cheeses with hard texture

Cured Iberian loin

All served with crunchy bread and raff tomato


Caviare details

Caviare Beluga (30 gr) with blinis and butter

Caviare Beluga (15 gr) blinis, butter and champagne


To Start

Bluefin tuna carpaccio with foie and crunchy biscuit

Potato and truffle cream, yolk and caviare

White shrimp with macadamia oil and shavings of ham

Squid with tender peas and herb’s pil·pil

Fried and broken eggs with sautéed foie gras and small onions

Pasta, curd cheese and truffle, mushroom and parmesan

29 €


To Finish

Red mullet with garlic and green pepper

Hake with prawns cream and grilled eggplant

Rice with tuna ossobuco and tuna belly tartar

Cuttlefish with black rice and green peas

Spanish lobster, with salad, Iran pistachios oil and pepper

Roasted young pigeon from “Bressse”, apple and Calvados sauce

Beef sirloin with foie in a truffle sauce

32 €



Lemon: Tartlet, creamy, streusel and ice cream

Brioche: Freshly made caramelized brioche with greek yogurt ice-cream and coconut soup

Chocolate: World´s chocolate tour which combines different textures and temperatures

Pineapple: Ice-cream macaroon, and a creamy served over crumble base

Cheese: We offer you a broad variety of cheese, all of them served with home-made jam

Red fruits: Wild strawberry sorbet, cheese, cherry creamy and read tea & blueberries dressing

12 €

VAT included

18 €

18 €




95 €

49 €




“Amarse a uno mismo es comenzar un romance por la vida”

Oscar Wilde

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